WRITTEN IN THE STARS- Honey & Parichey

For some people, meeting their soulmate is the biggest adventure of their lives. However, in our age of digital media you would probably never see it coming. These days, no distance is too great for a romantic connection to flourish and prosper.

Parichey, a young and ambitious guy from Delhi living in the United States, was finally ready to take the big step of marriage in his life. After building a solid foundation in his career, his focus grew towards finding a life partner with whom he would cherish his life. He connected with Honey for the first time on the Indian online matrimonial website Jeevansathi. The connection between the two was instant, as they got to know each other a lot over a few months.

It wasn’t long before Honey, a sweet and vivacious woman from Karnal, had her heart won over by Parichey. The mutual admiration and understanding between them was very evident not only to them, but also to their parents. Honey and Parichey were very decisive and sure about taking their relationship to the next level, despite the massive change it would bring in their lives.

So without further delay, they took the blessings of their parents and decided to commit their lives to each other. A story that was clearly meant to be. A connection that was clearly written in the stars.