They say there’s nothing more pure than childhood love. The sheer unadulterated enthusiasm of two young hearts filled with hopes and dreams is an inspiration to many. Such is the perfect love story of Akanksha and Pulkit.

For many people 8 years may feel like an eternity, but for Akanksha and Pulkit the memory of their first meeting is as clear as any. Who knew that when these two beautiful teenagers met, they were about embark on a journey that would last a lifetime. Be it school, college, or work afterwards, the bond between them withstood the test of time. From metro rides to auto rides, street food to fancy restaurants, old friends or new, people have come and gone from their lives like pages of a book. But, if there ever has been one constant- it’s been the love Akanksha and Pulkit have shared for each other.

Praises of this charming couple have been sung by many of their peers on social media. Akanksha and Pulkit are renowned among their friends and family for an unwavering show of love and affection for each other on social media. So much so, that they have been dubbed as the couple who gives everyone “Couple Goals.” And just like that, the inevitable happened when Akanksha and Pulkit decided to take the big leap and merge their paths into one. After more than 7 years of an envious relationship, they have got engaged and are due to bound themselves in holy matrimony with the utmost blessings of both of their families.