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After reading about Somya and Jagjeet’s fairytale love story, you will feel like you’ve heard this story before. Let us assure you, that this love story is anything but ordinary. Not often do you see love stories as dramatic and adorable as theirs. It had all the perfect ingredients for a blockbuster Yash-Raj movie.


Jagjeet, a confident young man from a sikh family living in Melbourne, had no idea how drastically his life was about to change in a matter of days. He met Somya, a born-and-raised in The City of NAWAB”S Lucknow, at a friend’s wedding.


The connection between the two was instant. Some may argue that it was love at first sight, but our protagonists decided to take their own sweet time in arriving on the inevitable conclusion. After the grand and successful wedding, Somya and Jagjeet kept in touch through a few coffee dates. Jagjeet had this uneasy feeling inside of him, as the date of his departure back to Melbourne was coming closer. Surely his heart was wishing for him to stay in Delhi for a bit longer. By now, there was this unspoken admiration between the two that developed into something serious.


Jagjeet’s flight to Melbourne got cancelled, and luckily, that were all the signs he needed from the world to tell him that his heart was now conquered by a ‘Dilli ki kudi’. Jagjeet proposed to Somya immediately, and promptly she agreed. Within a few months, they managed to convince their parents for marriage and commit their whole lives to each other. A happy ending, or should we say a happy beginning, to a charming and adorable love story.