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Show me the way, and I’ll light it up. Keshav and Niharika created their own little fairytale by trusting the universe and taking the leap into an adorable chapter of their life.

Coming from highly respected business families, Keshav and Niharika have lead an extremely successful life thus far. Whatever hesitation Niharika’s father might have had for Keshav, went up away in smoke as Keshav confessed his love to Niharika in the most romantic way possible. Keshav made sure to leave no stones unturned for what was to be his moment in the spotlight and truly convince Niharika that He was the one for her.

Picture a beautifully lit terrace decorated with Baloons and Red roses. Keshav decided to propose to Niharika in front of her entire family and take her completely by surprise. The moment was magical as the onlookers saw this unbelievable moment unfold with awe and admiration. They weren’t seeing a rehearsed show of affection, they were witnessing Keshav pour his heart out for a girl they’ve seen fit to be treated like a princess all her life.Indeed, her prince charming had to muster up something special, and boy did he live up to the expectations!

As Niharika gasped at the most romantic gesture she had ever seen in her life, she could not help but fall in love with a man who had agreed to share his entire life with her. Their marriage became a dreamy-eyed glamorous event in Nitesh Kunj, Delhi. The who’s who of their community descended to see a blissful wedding that they would talk about for years to come.



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