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Love has a way of reaching its destination, Vishakha + Akarshak

Vishakha + Akarshak : Love has a way of reaching its destination in the most unexpected ways possible. Same can be said about two souls who were meant to help people spread smiles in their lifetime. When Vishakha from Agra, a caring pediatric dentist by profession, met the swanky and cool root canal specialist, Akarshak from Delhi- the connection was instant. The match made by their parents was undeniably irresistible.


Dr. Vishakha has grown up and traveled all around India for her schooling and education. She was born in Agra, brought up in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and studied college in Ghaziabad and Jaipur. Having traveled and lived around India made Vishakha into a person who had interacted and worked with all sorts of interesting people coming from different walks of life. Vishaka’s loving nature always stood out to her family and peers which made her a people’s favorite. A very kind-hearted animal lover at heart, she wishes to bring in a dog one day in her happy little family.

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On the other hand, Dr. Akarshak, as his name suggests, was this bright, young, and attractive guy growing up in the heartland of Delhi. After his schooling, he left the glitz and glamour of Delhi to pursue his higher education in Belgaum, Karnataka, and then Meerut, UP for post graduation. The transition from a big city boy, to a curious, and eager-to-learn man as a dentist was one of his biggest achievements in life. A confident that has always embraced change, is enjoying sharing this new chapter of his life with his loving soulmate Vishakha.

Having shared a common background in Dental Surgery, the mutual understanding of each other’s profession between Vishakha and Akarshak was very easy to establish. They currently reside in Noida where they have decided to live a happy and prosperous married life.


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